An original narrative film project inspired by the field recordings of John and Alan Lomax. The project was created in partnership with Grammy Award winning folk musician Dom Flemons. Huffman Studio created a short film for festival exhibition and is currently in development on a feature length version. Inquire for more information.

Watch the short film: Released on Omleto

Short Film Awards and Screenings:
Breckenridge Film Festival, CO, Best Short Narrative & Best Editing
SCAD Savannah Film Festival, GA
Lake Country Film Festival, IL
SFIndie Fest Decibels Film Festival, CA
Cinema on the Bayou, LA
Made Here Film Festival, VT

Short Film Cast & Crew:
Written & Directed by: Lukas Huffman
Starring: David Patrick Kelly, Michael Potts, Kevin Breznahan, Luke Slattery, Manny Dunn
Produced by: Anthony Santos
Casting Director: Kate Geller
Musical Director: Dom Flemons
Director of Photography: Michael Belcher
Production Designer: Ambika Subra
Editor: Lukas Huffman
Composer: Ryder McNair
Colorist: Alexia Salingaros
Finishing Services: Ancillary Post
Executive Producer: Huffman Studio, Inc.

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