An original narrative film and immersive screening project in collaboration with renown artist, Erika Senft Miller. Huffman Studio was chosen to write and direct a film that engages Senft Miller's evocative costume art. The result is a science-fiction inspired visual poem for festival and gallery exhibition.

Watch the short film: Kintsugi Angel

Concept by: Lukas Huffman & Erika Senft Miller
Written & Directed by: Lukas Huffman
Artistic Direction: Erika Senft Miller
Performers: Holly Chagnon, Mireya Guerra, Jude Huffman
Director of Photography: Ian Post
Original Music by: Qasim Naqvi
Technical Director: Annie Mac

Immersive Screenings
Rathe's Salvage Yard (VT)
Susan Calza Gallery (VT)
Vermont International Film Festival (VT)
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