A Huffman Studio original concept commissioned by The Snowboarder's Journal. The scripted short film tells the visceral story of a break-out snowboard star who suffers a debilitating injury and is forced to confront the pressures of her fame. The short film pulls the curtain back on the darker side of being an action sports hero.

Concept has been developed into an original series and available to option for development. 

Project link: "Aeris" Exclusive Short Film

Starring: Lanie McAuley, Elise Gatien, Taylor Godber
Stunt Women: Taylor Godber, Brooke Voight, Darrah Reid-McLean, Spencer O'Brien
Written and Directed by: Lukas Huffman
Producer: Lukas Huffman & Shin Campos
Director of Photography: Paul Watt
Produced by: Huffman Studio & Whistler Creek Productions

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